• Living
    Because living means feeling good

    At home, you are where you feel most comfortable. And we play our part in making sure that that is within your own four walls. How? By helping furniture to become more flexible, so that it can meet its own standards in every situation. After all, a small dining table is only practical until the entire family comes to visit. So it is a good thing that all it takes is two quick movements to conjure up a long table big enough for everyone. Wether your table is intended for four people or twenty. With us, you will find the function you need, and the perfect equipment to match.

  • Kitchen
    Kitchen and function – the perfect symbiosis

    Our customers in the kitchen segment are specialists in their field. They know that design and functionality need to be in perfect harmony in today’s kitchens. As well as appearance, we focus intensively on the issue of functionality. We know that, in the world of kitchens, functionality usually means transformation. After all, it is not only the (kitchen) furniture itself that is transformed when it is operated, but the room itself and the entire living environment. In the knowledge that very high standards are being set in the kitchen industry in particular, we develop solutions that meet precisely these challenges. Our products are characterised by high durability – documented by numerous certificates. They offer the highest process reliability paired with the simplest operation.

  • Office
    Working and communication – the office world in flux

    30 years of experience in the field of table function speak volumes. We have developed expertise step by step and through constant growth – expertise that also applies to a world of work developed through communication. This expertise has given rise to solutions that are found throughout the market today. For example, we have developed a wide range of different connection elements for frames and racks; invented and implemented functional elements. Our attention here is on enhancing communication in the workplace and the complex conference situation. We are working on allowing you and your customers to work in the best possible way.

  • Outdoor
    Our tables stand firm as the seasons change

    An attractive, modern garden table that serves its purpose durably, robustly and functionally over many years, has been a reality for more than 20 years now. Thanks to the use of profile and punching technology developed in house and the choice of resilient stainless steel, we meet the demands of both design and durability – with unparalleled success to this day.

    In addition, we thought of alternatives very early on. Today, we also produce aluminium systems that meet the tough requirements of both concept and appearance. This ultimately gives rise to garden tables that often not only stand outdoors, and certainly not only in summer. They are used all year round.