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Responsibility for the future

We want to think today about the day after tomorrow and we face the challenges of climate change and resource scarcity. With the changes towards more sustainability and our holistic thinking, we are repositioning Pöttker and sharpening our environmentally conscious profile.

We want to act responsibly and for this reason we are going even further to set an example in the metalworking industry. An energy audit in accordance with DIN EN 16247-1 is only one component. We are constantly reducing our energy consumption and using existing energy more and more efficiently, for example through new LED lighting in our buildings. 

Solar energy & Environment

Our production sites are equipped with photovoltaic systems. At the main site in Lippstadt, we generate just under 650 kWp. Our site in Poland is just as efficient with photovoltaics. The site in Serbia is almost self-sufficiently supplied by solar power and can thus ensure heating by geothermal energy. 

Reusable packaging system

Our shipping system relies on a specially developed reusable system. To avoid unnecessary packaging waste, we use three different sizes of pallets with stacking frames. All pallets, including stacking frames, come back to us, ready for the next order. At the same time, this system offers logistical advantages, because the products can be easily stored one above the other in our high-bay warehouse.

Fleet sustainability

The fleet is composed of electric and hybrid vehicles. By the end of 2024, we aim to have completely converted to e-drive. The supply of clean electricity to the vehicles is guaranteed by the plant's own photovoltaic systems. We offer all employees and customers the opportunity to charge their vehicles at our sites.

Our trucks are specially designed for low fuel consumption and low CO2 emissions thanks to special tires. In the area of emission protection and noise emission, all vehicles are state-of-the-art.