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Responsibility for the future

In every company, there are adjusting screws that can be used to protect the environment and resources. resources can be protected. We at Pottker GmbH see dealing with challenges such as climate change or resource scarcity as an opportunity. 

We are constantly developing in the area of sustainability. Our goal is not only to be a responsible company, but to take a leading example in the industrial sector. To achieve this, we have, for example, had an energy audit carried out in accordance with DIN EN 16247-1. In this way, we always stay on the ball, develop higher energy efficiency and reduce our energy consumption.

Solar energy & Environment

All our production sites throughout Europe are equipped with photovoltaic systems. At the German site alone, we operate a total of 4 company roofs with approximately 650 kWp. Our Serbia site is also heated by its own heat pump system and is almost self-sufficient in terms of energy.

Reusable packaging system

For the shipping of our products, we have a specially developed reusable packaging system. We use three different plate sizes with stacking frames: the Düsseldorfer as well as the EURO pallets and a specially developed XXL Euro pallet by Pottker. In this way we avoid unnecessary packaging waste. All pallets including stacking frames are returned to us and will be used again for the next order. This system also offers us logistical advantages. Our products can be stored on top of each other in our high-bay warehouse without any problems.

Fleet sustainability

Currently, all company vehicles are electric or hybrid. Here we are in the middle of a conversion to electric vehicles. The charging stations are supplied by the electricity we generate ourselves. generated electricity. In addition, we offer our employees and customers the opportunity to charge their own electric vehicles at any time for free.

Our trucks are specially designed for low fuel consumption and low CO2 emissions thanks to special tires. In the field of emission protection and noise emission, they are all up to date.