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FFM Flat folding mechanism for solid wood tables

Middle divided, top- and frontslide tables

Technical details

  • Possible for wooden frames as a central table division
  • for interior wooden zagen frame
  • patented folding technology
  • clear and elegant design in all table dimensions: top and frame, as well as movement and bearing support of inserts
  • Defined movement in the entire Operating process
  • space-saving installation in terms of height and width
  • Prevents the butterfly from swinging too far
  • Permits one hand action
  • Horizontally movable for Frontslide extension
  • with Standard bracket
  • available from a foldinginsert of 800 mm
  • Can only be used in conjunction with frame

Construction accessories

  • Steel shaft with hinges
  • 180° Hinge | Zinc die-cast
  • Leather handle
  • Height adjustment
  • U-bolt with hinges