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For tables with front end-extension



Steel - galvanized or powder coated – the rounded cutting edges and the precise profile geometries optimize the handling and provide a high level of safety.

Load capacities

The FRONTSLIDE standard slides are dimensioned for 90 kg under a uniformly applied load. All specifications always depend on the material thickness as well as the tensile and flexural strength.

Brake & Accessories

Optimize the FRONTSLIDE slide system by adding a high-quality rope brake. Round off your product with matching movement and convenience accessories: Can be combined with matching accessories, such as the FM/FM Stop folding mechanism. Please contact us.

Installation height

about 52 mm


Recommended table length

1,200 – 2,400 mm, closed

Insert sizes

1 x 500 mm / 1 x 800 mm / 2 x 500 mm / 1 x 1,000 mm

Profile and stability design

Develop your own frame and rack solution.  For more information see  here.


Technical drawings

Frame construction | closed

Frame construction | open

Product images