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For independent side extension



Aluminum – available in various anodized colors. When using a wooden frame, a steel outer profile is used. The precise profile geometry optimizes the handling and provides a high level of safety.

Load capacities

The FRONTSLIDE BASIC LIFT standard slides are designed for 90 kg under a uniformly applied load. All specifications are always dependent on the material thickness and the tensile and flexural strength.


Each side can be operated independently or can also be used on both sides.

Lift function

FRONTSLIDE BASIC LIFT slide system offers a lift function and is also equipped with an infinitely adjustable stop function.

Panel thicknesses

The FRONTSLIDE BASIC LIFT slide system is suitable for panel thicknesses of 20, 25 and 31 mm.


Round off your product with matching movement and convenience accessories: available with soft closing upon request. Please contact us.

Technical details

Type1Length2Way of travel [per table side]Installation heightLoad capacity
Frontslide Basic | Material 2 mm
For fastening to the wooden frame - Frontslide Basic with steel outer profile
FB-L/1500.41.500 mmca. 540 mmca. 55 mm90 kg
FB-L/1700.41.700 mmca. 540 mmca. 55 mm90 kg
FB-L/1900.41.900 mmca. 540 mmca. 55 mm90 kg
Alu 55 Frontslide Basic (Aluminium-System)
A5FB-L/1500.A51.500 mmca. 540 mmca. 55 mm90 kg
A5FB-L/1700.A51.700 mmca. 540 mmca. 55 mm90 kg
A5FB-L/1900.A51.900 mmca. 540 mmca. 55 mm90 kg

1) FB-L = Frontslide Basic with lift feature | A5FB-L = Alu 55 Frontslide Basic with lift feature
2) This overview shows a few examples of our possible dimensions. Please contact us for other dimensions.


Tischplattenstärke25 mm28 mm30 mm
Hub28 mm31 mm34 mm

Technical drawings

Frontslide Basic

Alu 55 Frontslide Basic

Extension lengths


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