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Steel Frontslide Telescope 47 | 77

For extra long tables with high load capacity



Steel and aluminum - the rounded cutting edges and the precise profile geometries optimize the handling and provide a high level of safety.

Load capacities

The FRONTSLIDE TELESCOPE standard slides are dimensioned for 90 kg under a uniformly applied load. All specifications are always dependent on the material thickness and the tensile and flexural strength.


The FRONTSLIDE TELESCOPE slide system can be telescoped multiple times.


Round off your product with matching movement and convenience accessories: Can be combined with matching accessories such as the FM/FM Stop folding mechanism or, for wooden frames, with the FFM flat folding mechanism. Please contact us.

Technical details

Type1Length2Way of travelInstallation heightLoad capacity
47 Installation height | Material 2 mm
F-T2/10001000.41000 mm48 mm90 kg
F-T2/12001200.41200 mm48 mm90 kg
F-T2/14001400.41280 mm48 mm90 kg
F-T2/16001600.41280 mm48 mm90 kg
F-T2/18001800.41280 mm48 mm90 kg
77 Installation height | Material 2 mm
F-T2/10001000.71000 mm77 mm90 kg
F-T2/12001200.71200 mm77 mm90 kg
F-T2/14001400.71280 mm77 mm90 kg
F-T2/16001600.71280 mm77 mm90 kg
F-T2/18001800.71280 mm77 mm90 kg

1) F-T2 = Frontslide Teleskop
2) This overview shows a few examples of our possible dimensions. Please contact us for other dimensions.

Technical drawings

47 Installation height

Extension lengths

77 Installation height


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